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Staying focused on the mission with Kentucky for Kentucky

Learn how moving production to Print My Threads let Kentucky for Kentucky focus on a bigger mission, cool designs, and a commonwealth that kicks ass

Lee Bard, CEO of Kentucky for Kentucky, took time away from the Fun Mall to share insight on why this partnership is key.

Q: What is Kentucky for Kentucky? 

We’re a small company in the heart of the Bluegrass region focused on highlighting all things Kentucky. It started with the idea to make Kentucky Kicks Ass the new state slogan and now we sell all sorts of Kentucky-themed merchandise and a huge variety of unique t-shirts through our online store and retail shop. We really are obsessed with Kentucky. 

Q: How are you reaching your audience?

We mainly use e-mail, Facebook, and Instagram. When someone is looking for something - whether for themselves or as a gift - we want to be there and have a presence in a way that is effective.

Q: Why did you first start working with Print My Threads?

We initially printed here but as we grew we had to decide if we were going to invest in a full in-house shop that could handle the quantities needed for our major launches or look elsewhere. We decided it was most important to focus on our mission so we reached out to Print My Threads.

Q: Was Print My Threads able to help?

Yes! We were immediately able to benefit from the efficiencies they have mastered over the last 10 years. When we did our own printing, we had trouble getting stock, printing the quantities we needed, and turning orders around. We don’t have those issues any more. We can send Print My Threads orders anytime, sometimes multiple times a day, and there is a streamlined, easy approval and order process. This lets us focus on our creative and building our audience, and not the supply chain.

Q: Does Print My Threads have the same quality standards that you did when you printed your own product? 

Definitely. Their attention to details is unmatched and ink colors are one of Kyle’s superpowers. We know our designs are in good hands and from screen separation to confirming the quantities we ordered, everything will be correct.  

Q: What else makes your partnership with Print My Threads work?

Our values really align and that is important to us. One of our core values is taking care of each other and we know Print My Threads also believes this. We see it in the way they work with us - making a suggestion when there is a better way of printing something - and in the way they operate their business and their focus on the environment. They even have solar panels! We don’t look at Print My Threads just as a vendor we work with but a real partner in our business. 

Q: What’s next for Kentucky for Kentucky?

All sorts of things! Because we know that Print My Threads will be able to deliver the product we need when we need it, we are free to focus on other areas of our business. We are maturing as a business and brand. We are focusing on living out our values with a number of value based impact projects while producing fresh gear and showing the world Kentucky Kicks Ass.

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