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How is my Price Determined

A lot goes into printing the perfect shirt, but we make pricing it easy

We hate complex price structures! Tiers, added charges, and additional fees all get confusing. Our pricing system is designed to give you an all-in price per item for the number you need. Your price is determined by:

  • the cost of blanks in the style you select;
  • the number of print colors (if you have a bold print your white underbase will count as a color); 
  • the number of print locations (front, back, nape, sleeve); and
  • the quantity of shirts you order.

That’s it. No screen fees, set up fees, or shipping charges. Once we have your art and order details we will give you a per shirt price.* 

As your quantities go up your price will go down, but there is no magic number to hit for the next price break. We want you to order the right number of shirts for your project. 

Ordering for a special event or group of people? We always recommend ordering a few extras. We aren’t able to print a handful of additional shirts after your order is complete, so if someone missed the order deadline or chose the wrong size, we want you to be ready with a back-up for them. Also, while we work with the top suppliers in the industry, even they have bad days. Spoilage of 1-3% due to miscounting, stained or damaged cloth, or holes left from sewing errors can happen. When you place your order, please let us know if you need those exact quantities by size and we’ll help you plan!

*Extra services such as custom tags, folding, and bagging are offered for an additional per item fee, but we keep that simple, too!

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