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Know Your Print Styles: Bold, Vintage, and Hybrid

Learn the difference between these styles to ensure your print comes out looking perfect

When you’re ready to submit your order, one thing we’ll discuss is whether you want a Bold, Vintage, or Hybrid print. Not sure? Here’s what you need to know. 

There are 3 main ways we can screen print your image and each will have different results. 

BOLD PRINT Typically to achieve a bold style print, an underbase is used. A layer of white ink will be put underneath the design to make the print “pop” off of the fabric. This gives the top colors full opacity and makes them more vibrant. This may have a slightly thicker feel since more ink will be laid down. 

VINTAGE PRINT For a more faded, vintage look without altering your design, we can print your colors directly onto the shirt. This process allows some of the shirt color to show through the inks, muting the color and creating that perfect worn look.

HYBRID PRINT Sometimes a design calls for a little of both; a hybrid print will have an underbase white beneath some of the colors but not all of them. 

Once you know how you’d like your print done, it will be time to submit your print-ready artwork.  We prefer to work with vector files saved as .ai, .eps, or .psd, or that are editable PDFs.  We may be able to work with your .png or .jpeg file if that is all you have available.

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