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Event shirt sales with Rush-Off Road

Learn how Rush Off-Road uses custom apparel to grow their adventure tourism business

Lyndi Lowman took time away from the park to share some insight on their partnership with Print My Threads.

Q: What is Rush Off-Road?

We are a 7,000 acre off-road park in Rush, Kentucky with over 150 miles of trails for folks to ride. We offer daily, weekly, and yearly permits for individuals plus host a few major events each year.

Q: Where do your visitors come from?

We have a big regional pull from across Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and Tennessee but it isn’t surprising to see license plates from New York, New Mexico, Florida, and Georgia. I think we’ve had visitors from almost all 48 contiguous states and even someone from Iceland!

Q: How do t-shirts factor into your business?

We are a tourist destination. When people visit, they want to have a souvenir or pick up a gift to take back with them. We sell regular merchandise year round but also order special designs for our big events. We also do different shirts seasonally and people will collect them. For example, they’ll come back to get the summer color. The extra revenue source has been really important for our company.

Q: Why did you start working with Print My Threads?

When we first opened we used other vendors but we had issues with quality. When we started with Print My Threads we found their standards were much higher. Now I don’t have quality control issues - what I have is a shirt people want.  

Print My Threads also has great communication. I feel like they aren’t just a print shop. We have a relationship with them.

Q: Has that relationship with them grown?

Definitely. In addition to just printing, we found out that they were also really able to help us with our designs. We have ideas that they can get on paper and turn into amazing shirts. We can do special event items with really detailed, multiple color prints - you just can’t get other people to do things like that. 

They are also able to help us manage our inventory. During a regular month, we might sell 250 shirts from the office but then during an event weekend we might go through 1,200 pieces in a couple of days. And because we are dependent on the weather, our sales can really fluctuate.  

With Print My Threads, I know they’ve got us covered. It’s an easy ordering process and a quick turnaround. Plus, if we ever sell out of inventory at an event, I know they can instantly set up an online store for us so we can keep selling merchandise. Then they will print it for us after the event, making sure we don’t miss out on any sales or get stuck with excess merch at the end of a weekend.

Q: Would you recommend Print My Threads to other businesses?

Without a doubt. I've worked with other vendors for different items and the process, oh my gosh, it can be a complete mess. I’m just a number to them. With Print My Threads, it is certainly worth paying a little bit more for their quality, attention to detail, good communication, and the extra services they provide. I wouldn't go anywhere else and I wouldn't tell anyone else to go anywhere else.

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