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What to Know about Youth Sizes

Make a plan for your smallest shirts to ensure your design looks great on everyone

You know how websites magically resize images to fit on your desktop, your iPad, and your phone? Well, we can do that, too, to be sure your image fits on all shirt sizes but it isn’t magic and does take some extra steps… 

When we size your art, we will make it the right dimension to fill the space it is being printed on (front, back, pocket, or nape), and we’ll create screens to that size. For most designs, that means that the image will fit and look appropriate on all adult sizes and likely on Youth Large and Youth Extra Large. Depending on the style, it might also fit on a Youth Medium. But a Youth Small shirt will always require its own screen and therefore become its own job with its own minimum. 

So if you do need a mix of Youth and Adult sizes please let us know right away. We can let you know what size range your design will fit on or if you will need to plan for two separate jobs.

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